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Scholarships for Workshops in Santa Fe

© Will Van Beckum

For over 25 years, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops has supported students, teachers, emerging talent, and passionate individuals with our Scholarship Program. The program features streamline application process, online image submission, and more.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops is committed to creating opportunities for photographers of all ages and skill levels. For 2016, we are offering seven scholarships— two awarded by Nikon and five by The Workshops.

The scholarships are valid for workshops of four or more days in length, running between June and December 2016 in Santa Fe. The scholarships are provided as credit towards tuition and fees for the recipient’s workshop of choice, subject to portfolio approval. Applicants can submit work to a maximum of TWO scholarships for this time period.

The application period for 2016 scholarships is Wednesday,  January 20 through Tuesday, April 19, 2016.

NIKON Scholarships (Two Available)
In recognition of the personal vision that inspires great pictures, Nikon awards scholarships (up to $1000 each) to amateur and professional photographers. The scholarships are available for 4-day or longer workshops in Santa Fe. The scholarships program is an extension of Nikon’s partnership with Santa Fe Photographic Workshops to refine and reward excellence, and share it with the photography community.

NIKON Scholarships (two available): up to $1,000, available to anyone wanting to engage their passion for photography

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops Scholarships (Five Available)
In consideration of special financial circumstances of some of our participants, we award scholarships to those who show financial need.  

Passionate Photographer (two available): up to $1,500, available to anyone wanting to engage their passion for photography
Emerging Photographer (one available): up to $2000, available to 18-30 year olds
New Mexico Resident (one available): up to $1,000, available to a full time New Mexico resident
Cris Brown Scholarship (one available): $685; In honor of the memory of Cris Brown, a scholarship for Dan Burkholder’s iPhone Artistry intensive is granted by Jean Lawton. Cris introduced her mother Jean to iPhone photography and both enjoyed Dan’s workshop immensely.
Scholarship Policies

All scholarships are awarded as credits that apply to workshop tuition, fees, and on-campus accommodations only. Recipients are responsible for additional expenses such as travel and other personal expenses. Cash awards are not issued, and unused portions are not distributed as cash.

The Workshops makes every effort to place scholarship recipients in their workshop of choice. Due to the popularity of many workshops, we suggest you guarantee a place in your desired workshop by applying in the formal registration process. This requires a $300 deposit for workshops in Santa Fe. Please call (505) 983-1400 x111 to check workshop availability before applying.

Winners are notified one week after the application period closes.

"I wanted to thank you for the amazing, life-altering opportunity you gave me by awarding me the New Mexico Resident scholarship. The workshop {The National Geographic Assignment with Jim Richardson} was the best experience of my life, no exaggeration. It provided me with direction and greater self-esteem as a photographer. Thank you for all you do!" - Nina Freer, New Mexico Resident scholarship winner, Summer 2012

Application Requirements:

1. Application Form: We have a new PDF application form available for download here. Please complete the form and upload to Vault with your images.

2. Letter of Intent: Indicate the scholarship for which you are applying, include a statement about your development as a photographer, the name of the workshop you wish to take, and how the workshop will help you reach your goal(s). If applying for a Santa Fe Photographic Workshops scholarship, please include a statement about your current financial need.

3. Two Letters of Recommendation: Provide two letters from individuals who are familiar with your photography work and can comment on your education, work history, and financial need. Please exclude family members as references.

4. Twenty Photographs: Image submissions* are accepted online via the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops Vault system. Images do not need to have been created at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops!

Digital Guidelines
There are two main steps to prepare your images – file name and file formatting.

A. It is very important that the file name include your first and last name (FirstLast), and image number. DO NOT USE

-Your file name should look like this:

B. Ensure the image size, format, and color space follow these guidelines:

-72 ppi resolution
-1,280 pixels on the longest side
-sRGB or RGB color space (standard) with layers flattened
-8 bit mode
-JPG format with compression at level 7 (at minimum)

*The Workshops will not accept web sites, emails, books, posters, or any format other than those indicated above.

Please Note: Your Application Form, Letter of Intent and Letters of Recommendation can be uploaded to our Vault sytem if they are Word docs or PDF's. You may also mail them, along with your Application Form, to:

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
Attn: Scholarships Program
50 Mt Carmel Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Step 1

Create a folder on your desktop for your scholarship materials. 

Step 2 

Prepare your images for upload. Please DO NOT watermark your image files. Place them in your scholarship folder.

Step 3 

Fill out page 1 of the PDF application and save it to your computer. Place it in your scholarship folder.

Step 4

Write your Letter of Intent and gather your two Letters of Recommendation. Place it in your scholarship folder. If they are Words docs or PDF's you can upload to Vault.

Step 5

Click here to go to the Vault landing page and enter your Email Address, Full Name, Upload Set Title, and Credit ©. Use the following name for your Upload Set:

Scholarship Applicant - FirstName LastName

It is very important that you use your real name and a valid email address. Also include your name in the Credit © field and in the Upload Set Title so that we can properly evaluate your application, and so we can contact you with any follow up questions.

Step 6

Click the blue "I accept" button at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to the Vault Upload page.

Step 7

Once on the Vault Upload page, look for the menu bar on the right side of the screen and click the top blue "UPLOAD FILES" button.

Navigate to your scholarship folder, select your files and hit "Open." You will then see your images and the PDF application show up on the Vault Upload page. They will say "Processing" and show a status bar. When uploading of all of your images, your PDF form with your contact information, your Letter of Intent, and your two Letters of Recommendation is complete, hit the smaller blue "Submit" button to save the files to our system.*

That's it, you're done!

*Please note you will not receive an email confirmation or be able to re-sign in to edit your images. 


--Subject Line: Scholarships

If you have questions regarding submitting images through the Vault system, please email us at vault@santafeworkshops.com

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops     PO Box 9916 Santa Fe, NM 87504     505-983-1400

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